Steel Grits and Shots

The steel grits & shots are used in Blasting process. The blasting is done as surface preparation before the painting or coating process. The first objective of surface preparation is to remove any loose material from the surface and to eliminate chemically bonded scales, oxide films. Removal of such materials exposes the reactive sites so that the primers can have contact with them and develop the maximum adhesion possible. The second purpose is to increase the surface area by increasing the roughness and surface profile of the surface and thereby exposing additional reactive sites of metal surface.
Various types of surface preparation mechanical equipment are used to clean the surface and thus provide proper coating adhesion. White metal blasting is the highest degree of surface preparation recognized in the industry. NACE # 1, SSPC-SP 5covers this standard. Near-white abrasive blast cleaned surface ( SSPC = SP6, SA 2 ½ ) is the most commonly observed standard for surface preparation.
Steel shots & Grit are the most commonly used metallic abrasives. These are used to remove mill scale, rust, old paint and provide a suitable surface profile. W Abrasives are the world leaders in steel abrasives. They offer various specialized products for Foundries, for stainless steel surfaces, & for descaling / surface preparation. Geeta Surface Coatings Pvt. Ltd. is proud to be associated with WINOA.

Advantages of W-Abrasives Profilium :
It has min. 64 HRC hardness, hence multiple usage is possible.
It gives strong paint adhesion due to suitable surface profile.
It lowers the dust load inside blasting chamber, thereby improving vision for blaster & blasting quality.
Profilium gives lesser bandwidth of Rz values, resulting in lesser paint consumption & improved paint quality.
Due to usage of Profilium, the compressor runs for lesser hours resulting into lesser operating cost.

Steel Grits and Shots
W Abrasive